Big News & Alaska Travel Season 2016!

aurora-1057948_960_720Well, we have some big news.  We were so inspired by Alaska that we gave up the easy life in the lower 48 and decided to move here.  I accepted a job in Fairbanks, Alaska, which was a place we truly enjoyed on our visits here.  It wasn’t an easy decision, but it turned out to be the right one.  We moved up September of 2015 and have been living the sourdough lifestyle ever since.  The great news for this site, though, is that we’re actually now Alaskan’s and not a day will go by where Alaska isn’t on our mind.  We’ve been able to see more aurora borealis this winter than we’d ever hoped in our entire life, it’s truly an inspiring experience!

Getting up here with a U-Haul and trailer was quite a bit different than the road trip camping experience.  While we did manage to camp one night during our trip at Liard Hot Springs, we were traveling on the fringes of the winter season and it was preferable to use lodging.  It was quite an experience overall and certainly a fitting start to what’s turned out to be a challenging journey.  It took us awhile to adjust to the cost of living increases up here, which are considerable from a lifestyle standpoint, but we seem to be through all that now.  Overall, it’s been an incredible life choice and we’re diving into the 24/7 Alaska experience as much as we can.

All that said, temperatures have finally started to warm up and the thaw is starting to get real.  That’s quite the relief for us, anyway, as we’re almost done with our sixth month of winter.  This means that spring and summer travel seasons are right around the corner and we can expect other travelers to be making the trek here soon enough!  We see that traffic to the site has remained steady and it appears at least some users are finding the information helpful.  That’s great and it makes all our efforts to document our experiences worth it.

We’re hoping to share some of our camping experiences up here this spring and summer.  Our goal is to try to get out for a fair number of weekends to kick of our official explorations of the area.  Though we’ve spent a fair amount of time previously in campgrounds around here previously, being able to shave off that week long road trip on either side will be great.

Certainly if there are any questions about our move, what it took or our experience so far – we welcome comments!  Good luck in your travel planning efforts this year!

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