starmapofakWe invite you to check out the following planning sections:

  • Why A Tent
    • Why should you consider using a tent as your primary shelter on your road trip Alaska?
  • How To Get To Alaska?
    • What are your options for travel to Alaska.  All these options relate to the theme of tent camping on the trek.
  • The Great Alaska Road Trip
    • Information about taking a road trip to Alaska, one of the best experiences on earth!
  • Air Travel Options To Alaska
    • If a road trip isn’t feasible for you, or you want to explore a partial road trip augmented by air travel.
  • Alaska Ferry Options
    • Use the Alaska Marine Highway System to augment your trip.
  • Route Planning
    • Need some tips or recommendations on how to plan your route to Alaska?
  • Planning Your Stops
    • Advice on when, how and where to plan the stops along your journey!
  • Gear and Outfit Planning
    • Need some tips on various gear?  What’s important, what’s not?
  • Emergency Planning
    • All good plans cover what could possibly go wrong!
  • Planning Resources
    • Good additional resources for you to consider before you leave on your trip to Alaska!

Looking for something else?  Try these sections: