Travel To Alaska By Car, Ferry or Plane

How To Travel To Alaska?We invite you to check out the following sections for more information on how you can travel to Alaska.  We’ve compiled information on taking a road trip to Alaska, one of the best ways to travel to Alaska!  We also have air travel options you can use to get straight to Alaska or possibly take a partial road trip.  Lastly, we’ve provided information  on the use of the Alaska Marine Highway System and ferries for your travel options for your Alaska adventure!

How To Travel To Alaska:

  • The Great Alaska Road Trip
    • Information about taking a road trip to Alaska, one of the best experiences on earth!  Find out if a tent camping road trip to Alaska is right for you and what to expect on your road trip.  How long it will take?  How much will it cost for your road trip?  We’ve tried to provide all sorts of helpful information about your road trip to Alaska.  Start planning your road travel to Alaska today!
  • Air Travel Options To Alaska
    • Sometimes a road trip to Alaska is simply just too far to consider for some people.  If a road trip to Alaska isn’t possible for you, or you want to explore a partial road trip augmented by air travel, this section will be helpful for your planning efforts.  Get information on where you can fly, how you could take a partial road trip to Alaska, and car rental assistance once you get to your destination.  This section provides helpful information on travel to Alaska by air.
  • Alaska Ferry Options
    • Use the Alaska Marine Highway System to augment your trip to Alaska!  Taking a ferry as a way to travel to Alaska is a great option if you don’t have the time for a road trip or you want to take in the beautiful coastal scenery on your way north.  You can take your primary vehicle or a bike on the ferry as your primary transportation methods once you get to your destination.  Both work for tent camping adventures!  Get tent camping tips for ferry travel, schedule information, and ferry cost information.  This section provides helpful details on how you can use the marine highway system and ferries to travel to, from and around Alaska!

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