Essential Gear

starmapofakWe invite you to check out the following sections:

  • Essential Tent Gear
    • What you need to know about selecting a tent for an Alaska road trip.  What features are important to the road tripper and other tips on how to improve your tent’s performance.
  • Essential Sleeping Gear
    • Everything you need to know about a getting a good night’s sleep on the road!  Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important aspects of long distance road trips and camping.
  • Building A Quality Camp Kitchen
    • How to minimize your food preparation’s space and eat quality meals on a trip to Alaska!  Cooking your food is a fantastic way to save money on a road trip and doesn’t have to involve bringing the kitchen sink.
  • Handling Your Personal Effects
    • Tips on how to organize your personal gear and other things you want to bring efficiently.  Tips on the optimal ways of packing your personal effects, toiletries and other personal items you need to have on your adventure to Alaska.
  • Clothing For Your Alaska Adventure
    • Tips on what types of clothes to bring and how to handle any condition!  You don’t have to bring everything you own; making strategic clothing choices will help minimize the space required and insure your comfort throughout your road trip!

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