The Tent Camper & The Alaska Road Trip

Tent Camper’s Guide To An Alaska Road Trip:

The Tent Camper's Guide To An Alaska Road TripSo, you’ve always wanted to take an Alaska road trip?  For whatever reason, you haven’t been able to get it done.  Perhaps due to cost, time or maybe having a little bit of fear of the unknown?  We hope to change all that!

This site is a free resource for people interested in taking the Alaska road trip.  We seek to educate people on long distance camping road trips and using a tent to make it there and back safely.  Better yet, you will save a ton of money!  For us, the Alaska road trip was only possible if we nearly eliminate the cost of lodging.  Where we don’t sacrifice, though, is on comfort.  We have to be able to enjoy the trip, otherwise why make it?

As avid tent campers, it became clear that most of the resources for Alaska road trip are written for people traveling in RV’s.  Few sources offer information for the typical tent camper to prepare for the journey.  As practiced long distance campers, we explored a lesser used technique somewhere between an RV/lodging experience and sleeping in your car.  We discovered a rather comfortable compromise between the two and decided to write about our tent camping road trips to Alaska so others can learn from our experiences.

Alaska - Where The Ocean Meets The MountainsSome might be turned off to the idea of tent camping along an Alaska road trip.  It’s not for everyone.  Many people aren’t aware that there is gear that can make the tent camping experience equal a night’s rest in a hotel.  This gear doesn’t have to break the bank or require tons of space.  We seek to assist others who are exploring alternatives to RV transport but also expect a sustainable, comfortable experience.

Whether you’re like us and find something special about sleeping in a tent, you’re trying to save some money on your trip or you loathe the idea of strapping yourself to a mobile house, this site is for you!  As experienced road trip tent campers, we hope to bring both the experience and knowledge to help you plan your Alaska road trip.  If you need help with route planning, maps, preparedness guides, information on what to expect or tips here and there, you’re bound to find what you need for your Alaska road trip!

We invite you to post comments, ask questions or to share your own experiences, tips, and tricks on the various pages that interest you.

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