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jeffandkaydeWho is TentAlaska.com?  We’re a couple of travelers with a passion for road trips, tent camping and exploring our world.  He’s an experienced traveler with hundreds of thousands of miles behind him.  She’s an up and coming geographer with a passion for life and this world.  Together, we pursue what’s around us, make the most of it and love every minute of it.

We sought to find a compromise between an RV or lodging based road trip and sleeping in our car on a road trip to Alaska.  In our extensive research, we found materials designed for the common tent camper were in very short supply.  Most guides out there focus on the RV journey or staying in lodging along the way.  For us, this was not an economical approach to the road trip and we had to carve our own path.

We successfully developed a travel approach that meets both comfort and personal sustainability.  More importantly, this approach is very cost-effective and may make the journey more accessible to others.  Here we document our experiences, our planning guides and other resources that will help you define your own journey to Alaska.  We seek to aid our readers in their planning efforts, knowledge and preparation so you can have a safe, successful and comfortable road trip to Alaska.

Our philosophy is to offer free resources and information without the use of affiliate links, advertising or charging for memberships.  We believe the internet is a a free place and what one person can know, so should another!  If you’ve felt that our information has helped you out, we have provided an option to donate any amount you choose to help support the site as a resource for all.  We are truly grateful for any amount you might choose to give and are honored by your generosity.

We’re interested in hearing your opinions, advice, anecdotes, tips & tricks and other information you might want to share!  You are welcome to comment on any of the site’s pages or feel free to use the contact form below to get a hold of us!

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