TentAlaska.com Goes Live!

openIt’s been a bit of time in development, and things still aren’t quite finished yet, but there’s enough info on the site now to finally take it live.  If we had unlimited time, no day jobs and our interests weren’t split 100 different ways, things would probably be a bit easier overall!  But, for now, we’ve removed the maintenance mode, so you can explore the sections of the site that are live and also can participate in our forums.  We appreciate you finding the site and taking the time to check things out!

The reason we decided to start this website is when we were planning our trips to Alaska, we discovered that there’s an overwhelming lack of information specifically geared for campers and tenters on what to expect along the way.  Plenty of information for your average RV’er, but not much out there on how to plan for the trip.  We aimed to try and curb that gap and provide some of the personal experience and suggestions we discovered both in preparation as well as along the journey.

Our short term goals are to continue developing the content for the site that exists right now and potentially start on some new sections/features for the site.  We also want to enable some more feature functionality, part of which is this blog to document our own explorations and changes we’re making to the site.  As major things are updated, a blog post will hopefully be made to draw your attention to what’s new.  We’re also exploring some potential video options to discuss the topics more in depth, show off some of the gear and techniques as well as provide a more interactive method of learning about the great Alaska north!

Our next potential trip to AK in 2016 is in the works right now.  We’re thinking we’d really like to do more of a focus trip on the Kenai area, from the Matanuska Valley and Valdez all the way to Homer.  Details will follow, but discussions are being had about what’s next for us and Alaska!

If we can be of assistance, let us know and we’ll be happy to help!

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